Frapperz 3.0

Frapperz 3.0 is an Artificial Intelligence powered real-time professional opportunity matching network. It matches you to relevant professionals or opportunities in real-time; basis your professional profile and preferences. Targeted at the highly mobile millennial workforce, Frapperz 3.0 provides a dynamic and agile platform to connect to your next opportunity. It connects without the awkwardness and hassle of formal networking and intensive job searches.  

Frapperz 3.0 pulls your professional data, analyses your career goals and automatically recommends the jobs you would want to apply to; or prospective employers, industry seniors you can connect with to make those perfect opportunities happen. Think of it as your AI-enabled assistant working 24/7 to find your best professional opportunities. All powered by a mix of NLP, predictive modelling and machine learning to crunch all your data in the background. Sounds complex? Not really. All you need to do is swipe right on the opportunities that matter.    

For companies or employers, Frapperz 3.0 uses deep matching to surface the right talent you will want to hire. Coming from our own experience we know how difficult it is to hire the right talents for your company. And what about those passive candidates who are not actively looking for an opportunity? At Frapperz 3.0 they will bubble up for you.    

Frapperz 3.0 is built by a team of engineers and MBAs from IIT, Jadavpur University, Imperial College London and SP Jain Mumbai; the team who have transformed their own experiences into a technology solution.  

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