About Frapperz

Frapperz started out as a mega service market place where users could get work done by experts. In Frapperz 2.0, we have democratised the platform to allow peer to peer sharing of expertise, unlocking the skills in each one of us. Whether you are a local business, a seasoned freelancer or just someone with a super skill - simply showcase your expertise and be discovered by people near you. We are committed to building a trusted marketplace of people. Frapperz connects users on basis of skills and interests, lets you discover incredible experiences and expertise nearby and helps showcase your own skills.

We want to go beyond people simply trading skills. We want to build connected communities based on shared expertise. Moved into a foreign place? Meet someone who can help you learn the local language. Or cook home-made food with flavours of your city. Teach a little kid a super skill you know. Or make those awesome greeting cards that your new neighbours cannot get enough of. Turn your hobbies into passions. Turn part-time work into full time calling. Start something new. Or just feel good about being part of a community where every one has something incredible to give.

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