The warmest way to set up your home.

About Frapperz

Frapperz comes from a belief - "Our homes define what we are". Our homes are as unique as we make them.

It's easier said than done. The challenges are multifold. Getting the know-how, finding the right experts, verifying authenticity, managing budget and cost; and all this in your busy lifestyle. You wish only if you had the genie (and so the lamp).

No you don't. But you have Frapperz to do all that for you. Frapperz is a digital platform focused on simplifying the process of setting up and managing a home. It aggregates services, resources and tools to help you set up or enhance the warm, comfortable home that defines you. Frapperz uses an intuitive data driven approach to map projects and professionals minimizing time, effort and risk factors in every home improvement initiative. Remember how you did your last project at work, or even your children's school projects? At Frapperz you create, manage and track your home improvements as projects with all conversations, issues, cost, payments and project media such as image, information, video in one place.

Who We Are

We all dream. But there are few dreams that do not let us sleep anymore. And an awesome journey begins there. Frapperz is conceived and delivered by a team of people who believe that the future can do with a little more disruption.

Jyotirmay Kanthal (JK)


Jyotirmay Kanthal, or JK as he is popularly known, leads strategy, operations and finance at Frapperz. Before co-founding Frapperz, he founded and led Unmarketeer, a creative digital firm where he has worked with startups, SMEs, institutes and government bodies on getting their digital right. JK worked in the areas of market strategy, business transformation, business growth and sustainability across UK, Europe, Africa and India. He was one of the key leaders in driving business change across Corus after its acquisition by Tata Steel. Based out of Switzerland, JK also played a leading role in business migration of Philip Morris International. JK spent a significant amount of time of his career working for IBM. He is a Jadavpur University Computer Science alumnus.

JK is a dreamer. He loves exploring new places and experimenting with his cooking skills. JK's energy could be infectious. He loves to talk with people from different walks of life over some coffee.

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Rimjhim Ray (RJ)


RJ leads Product Strategy, Growth & Marketing at Frapperz. Prior to launching Frapperz, RJ co-founded Unmarketeer where she worked with startups & SMEs to accelerate growth. RJ was earlier a business head at the Leo Burnett group and had also worked for TCS, Tata Communications in product and strategy. RJ studied Mathematics & Computer Science at Jadavpur University. She dropped out of her MBA at Imperial College, London to stand by her family in a crisis period. Later she opted for an MBA from SPJIMR, Mumbai.

While not geeking over growth charts and product sketches at Frapperz, RJ writes for Huff Post and various magazines and works on improving her Spanish language skills.

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Mousum Dutta (MD)

Analytics and Data Science

MD is Frapperz' tech wiz who figures out the complex tech required to make the platform simple and effective. Before the Frapperz brainwave hit him, MD spent 11 years in decoding data, analytics and working with complex databases for companies such as SAS, Sysstat. He has worked with leading news channels in designing opinion polls. He was literally involved in predicting the future. MD is an alumnus of IIT KGP.

MD gets most of his break-through ideas while on his long drives. He wants to build his dream caravan and get on to the wheel.

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Sk Mamtajuddin (TAJ)


Taj is a seasoned technology professional who blends his in-depth technical skills with sharp knowledge of UI/ UX and design principles. His leadership skills and mastery over various domains including mobile app, web and e-commerce platforms make him key member in multi-technology projects.